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Security Consulting: Improve Your Security With Our Expert Knowledge

Risks can be minimized, and dangerous situations prevented, by the implementation of proper security measures. However, security measures will only be effective if they are tailor-made exactly to your needs and the specific nature of your activities. If you're wondering what precise measures will be suitable for you, guessing can be dangerous - even deadly. Take your own safety seriously and consult the experts. MerCorP Protective Services of Dayton, Ohio, will help you devise a comprehensive security plan to protect you, your business, and anything else you care about. We serve, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, as well as areas that require more extensive travel - just ask. Call us at 614-583-0958, or email us at today for a quote.
We are a full-service security company with over 70 years experience in providing executive protection for individuals and companies. Our security consulting team is made up of experienced law enforcement and military personnel, and they will devise a strategic security proposal which will be the most appropriate for your establishment.

We have access to excellent security equipment that can complement or replace the security measures you already have in place. This equipment not only helps in protecting lives, but also will protect your property and important data from wanton theft, destruction, and industrial espionage.

Security measures, however, are only as good as the people who enforce and practice it. We take pride in the professionalism of our highly-trained executive security guards, and we can deploy them as members of your own personal security detail. If you already have existing security personnel, we'll be more than glad to give them a complete briefing. If needed, we can even provide security training for them to ensure the proper execution of the proposed security measures.

Mercorp Protective Services

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