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Secure Transport: Executive Travel Should Be Safe Travel

Do you need secure transport from the office to a potentially risky area? How about safe and prompt pick up from the airport to the city? If you're thinking of a night out with family or friends, are you looking for a ride you can trust? MerCorP Protective Services of Dayton, Ohio, offers a wide range of secure transport options for VIP's, executives, and celebrities. Call us at 614-583-0958, or email us at today for a free quote. Whenever and wherever you need them, our secure transport services are available at all times of the day or night. We're proud to serve our clients in Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, and far beyond.

MerCorP takes every aspect of executive protection seriously. We want to make sure we cover every detail involved in ensuring the safety of our clients. This includes providing the right tools and means to allow them to travel safely, whether it's for business or pleasure.


Highly Trained, Highly Professional

We are proud of our professionalism and the combined experience of our team of executive security guards. Our agents have undergone extensive training in the field of protective transport, including evasive driving. MerCorP believes in holistic solutions to transport security problems, so we go far beyond just having "some security" accompany you on your trip. We consider vehicle choice to be important to your safety, along with how those vehicles are handled and what route they take.

Our personnel have both training and actual experience in high-pressure, life-or-death situations. Depending on the degree of the potential threat, we can have armed or unarmed agents present with you in the vehicle while you're traveling. You can ride assured that the people protecting you have special forces, regular military, and law enforcement backgrounds.


Flexible Transportation Option

MerCorP can tailor the type of secure transport according to your specific need. We can provide secure transport for airport transfers, business meetings, official visits, and home/ office transportation. We can also protect you during recreational travel like day trips, night outs, and other informal excursions. We can extend the scope of our protection to your immediate family and those associated with you.

Choose from our wide range of secure transport vehicles at your disposal. We can rapidly deploy limousines, Escalades, and Cadillac sedans. If needed, we can facilitate special requests for yachts, jets, and helicopters.

Mercorp Protective Services

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